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Swords n Magic and Stuff is an Adventure, Casual, and RPG game for PC published by Kindred Games in 2020. just explore and explore!

Swords n Magic and Stuff PC Game 2020 Overview:

this is an open-world RPG game that is quite nice. There are a lot of quests you get through a conversation.

Swords n Magic and Stuff Free Download


An action-packed RPG adventure game that progresses through quests from many NPCs. The occupation will change according to the weapon used, can play co-op with up to 6-8 friends. Because there is no level or class system. But everyone can use every weapon and increase the aptitude of each weapon according to the time of use for the skill system, this game may not be available.
But instead use it as a magic book The players can use weapons with both hands, whether it is a sword – shield, sword – magic book, or can hold a canoe to chase a crab. Of course, the above is only part of the game. Because it is still in the Early Access period, many systems may not be perfect. And have not fully opened the system.
It has a lot of potentials, although the story from what it seems at the moment, is not its strong suit.

Features of Swords n Magic and Stuff:

  • It is an action RPG with quests throughout an open-world adventure.
  • The game feels like an RPG game, interacting with NPCs, whether accepting quests, buying goods, which are many in this game.
  • Able to farm items From finding treasures, opening boxes, and eliminating enemies
  • Weapons and suits can be upgraded.
  • There is a line divided according to the weapon used. Which can keep level. and can play co-op with up to 6-8 people.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 570
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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