The Sealed Ampoule PC Game Free Download

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The Sealed Ampoule is an Adventure, RPG, and Simulation game for PC published by PLAYISM in 2021. It says dungeon farmland roguelike game!

The Sealed Ampoule PC Game 2021 Overview:

However, this game has little roguelike fun. Escape is also easy. You can only pick up materials and recovery items, and (probably) no rare drops.

The Sealed Ampoule PC Game Free Download


If you want to describe this game in one word. A game in which the hack and slash element is removed from the mystery dungeon and the clicker-type growth element is incorporated. Weakened the roguelike element and put in training. Although the name is “Dungeon Agricultural Land Roguelike”, it has a stronger nurturing element than a roguelike. The dungeon is roguelike because the map is random, but it’s quite slimy, with no weapons, level takeover, and even if you die, you can bring back some of the materials and items you got. Then, when you ask, “What is the fun of this game?”, That is the nurturing factor. Although it is difficult to convey in “Agricultural landing of the dungeon”, the system of this work allows you to obtain more materials and items by throwing the obtained materials into each floor of the dungeon.

There are almost no enemies on the farmland floor, and it becomes a gentle dungeon where you can pick up materials and items as much as you want. In other words, by promoting the conversion to dungeon farmland, the capture will become easier. “Kuchinashi Ampoule” is a game that adds a nurturing element to the dungeon as well as the character, and it is interesting that you can promote the farmland of more floors by increasing the number of materials obtained by nurturing. It is connected to the.

Features of The Sealed Ampoule:

  • Those who want to enjoy the story
  • People who overlevel like Sensui
  • Forced to play around Ariahan to remember Gigadane

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