The Viking Way PC Game Free Download

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The Viking Way is an Action, Adventure, and Strategy game for PC published by KK Softworks in 2020. Become a Viking!

The Viking Way PC Game 2020 Overview:

This  is an action game full of Viking style, just like the Viking sailing version of “Mountain and Blade”. The game is still in the EA stage, and the overall completion is relatively low.

The Viking Way PC Game Free Download


Currently, you cannot customize the characters. The design of naval battles, the transformation of ships and land battles have already made people’s eyes bright; “Viking theme” or a high acceptance of “riding and cutting” gameplay, then this work is a potential stock worthy of your expectation and attention!

An EA stage that is full of expectations but lacks content. In the game, players play the role of a fledgling new lord who is ready to show off his skills. After hearing a magical “magic stone” before going to sea, he embarks on the path of treasure hunting and conquest. The game is basically the design of a “riding and slashing game”. You can freely explore, recruit troops, occupy, and conquer. The difference is that under the theme of Viking, “Road to Viking” has more fun of sailing and naval warfare. The simple way to operate the sails and shoot with enemy ships, as well as the design of transforming ships and navigating the fleet, makes this game different from other “riding and slashing games”.

Features of The Viking Way:

  • Focus on horseback riding and slashing with Viking themes
  • Experience the gameplay of transforming ships, fleet navigation, land plunder, and naval battles
  • Good art performance, not beautiful but very flavorful
  • Potential gameplay structure, if there is an open workshop in the future, the potential is unlimited

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4330M CPU
  • Graphics: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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